8 Power Tips to Increase Your Live Sale Viewership

Live selling is a game-changer for retail e-commerce businesses, providing an interactive way for businesses to boost their growth. But the success of live selling heavily depends on your live shows’ viewership.

In this article, we bring you eight practical and effective strategies that have worked for numerous shops to increase live sale viewership and boost revenue by over 5x versus traditional commerce, earning them up to $2200/minute with CommentSold live selling. Let’s dive in.

1. Research Your Audience

The starting point for any successful live selling event is understanding your audience. What are their needs, interests, and preferences? What kind of live sales would they find the most valuable – instructional, entertaining, or commercial?

Use insights & data to analyze your audience’s demographics, determine their pain points, and tailor your live sales accordingly. This could be a game-changer for your brand’s engagement and viewership.

2. Promote the Live Sale

Now that you’ve identified your audience and the right live sale type, the next step is to get them excited about your upcoming live sale. Create hype by posting about your upcoming live sale schedules on your mobile app, website, emails, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Pin your upcoming live sale schedule at the top of your social profiles so your viewers see it as soon as they visit your page. Use marketing automation platforms to schedule and send email sequences to remind your audience while reducing your workload and saving time.

3. Collaborate With Others

Collaboration is a great way to increase your live sale’s viewership. Invite industry influencers or other guests to participate in your live sale. You can even get your own friends and family to join you and help you out while increasing which can also boost your brand’s broaden your reach by making your sale sale even more engaging and fun.

Do tie-ins with other streamers and shops to cross-promote your live selling event on their platforms, getting you in front of an entirely new audience.

4. Tease Your Livestream Sale Content

Building anticipation is an art. Tease your audience with snippets of what to expect in the live sale. This could be short clips, images, or even interesting facts about the products or topics that you will be covering in the livestream sale.

You can even tease special or limited-time deals, and live sale-specific offers to create fear of missing out (FOMO) to build anticipation and boost viewership.

5. Reward Your Viewers

Rewards are to your live sale what condiments are to a dish. You’ve got to sprinkle them right. Maybe even a few times to get it just right.

Providing incentives for your live sale viewers is a great way to attract more people. This could take the form of exclusive discounts, giveaways, or valuable insights shared only during the live sale.

Tease mystery rewards or offers in advance. Once you go live, you can reward the first few viewers with discounts of free items with each purchase to build viewership and boost sales. In the middle of your live sale, you can do giveaways to keep the engagement going while announcing end-stream deals or offers for viewers.

6. Lengthen Your Broadcast

When it comes to on-demand videos, keeping them short is essential. But live sales are a different story. “Views” for live streams are counted differently. A view counts every time someone logs on, given that the broadcast could end at any time. The longer you’re live, the more chances people have to join you.

A gradual increase in viewers typically leads to more comments, engagement, and sales conversions. However, striking a balance is key. You don’t want to run through all your valuable content too quickly, nor bore your audience. This strategy is much easier to implement with the above tips in mind. CommentSold’s live selling overlay also helps with gamifying your livestream sale to keep viewer interest high with live inventory counts, timers, and more.

7. Be Consistent

One of the key ingredient to increasing viewership is consistency. A reliable and predictable livestreaming schedule lets your audience know when to tune in, boosting your regular viewership and allowing new viewers to expect when to watch. And consistency is another great way to build customer loyalty.

The more predictable your live selling events are, the more people can plan their day with your stream in mind. A predictable stream is much like people looking forward to a TV show they like.

8. Multi-Destination Streaming

An effective way to increase your live selling viewership is by leveraging multi-channel streaming. A feature like this—available on platforms like CommentSold—lets you simultaneously broadcast your live sale to multiple platforms like your social media channels (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram), website, and mobile app. You can significantly increase your audience by reaching out to viewers where they are instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Recent surveys have shown that businesses that stream to three or more destinations attract a significantly larger audience than those who only stream to one. So, consider diversifying the platforms you stream to and watch your viewership soar!

Next Steps For Your Live Selling Success

There isn’t just one magic solution to boosting your live sale viewership; it’s about a combination of strategies and a deep understanding of your audience. Use these strategies in your live selling events, keep refining your approach based on feedback and data, stay in the know of the latest live selling updates with our blog, and you’ll be ready to take your live sale viewership to the next level.

You can try CommentSold for free if you’re looking for a one-stop live selling platform for your retail needs. Our team can give you personalized advice tailored to your business needs.

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