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The Complete (Live) Video Solution

Videeo provides retailers with best-in-class technology and deep subject matter expertise for a quick, successful launch into video commerce and even faster ROI.

Everything You Need to Build a Robust Video Commerce Business

Transform Your Website Content

Go live on your website by adding a few lines of code to your live-show page.

Broadcast stunning, high-speed streams straight to your existing website.

Create an immersive and engaging shopping experience with up to 10x the conversion potential.

Sell 24/7 with Shoppable Videos

Embed swipeable, scrollable short form videos on your website and app.

Shoppers can purchase during your live show and after the fact through shoppable replays.

Videeo’s patented technology instantly transforms your live shows into shoppable video snippets.

Go Live on Your Social Media

Powerful multicast technology streams your live shows across social media channels with dynamic overlays.

Your Facebook followers can comment directly on your live streams to cart and buy products instantly.

Videeo’s comprehensive reporting gives insight into viewers and conversions by channel so you can optimize your strategy.

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Let Our Network
of Sellers
Drive Your Sales

Make your inventory available to our sellers through our dropship catalog.

Provide significant inventory allocations to allow viral transaction patterns.

Watch your products fly off our warehouse shelves without any extra work on your end.

Lives are engaging and fun and it's just such a great way to interact with your customers and there's so many different ways you can do it.
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Videeo has Proven
to be an Effective
Selling Channel


Increased video engagement


Longer video viewership


Higher repeat purchase rates

The Journey from $7 Million to $47 Million

Launch Hit Shows with Videeo