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How to create Killer Shoppable Videos that Convert!

If you’re scrolling through social media, you’re guaranteed to come across videos that prompt you to shop. Now, whether it’s to shop based on the product or to shop because you follow that creator is inconsequential.

More and more creators and brands are using TikToks, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels to advertise and sell their products via short-form shoppable videos. 

These social media apps have shaped consumer behavior to a point where the relevance of shoppable videos has increased tremendously for anyone trying to sell products to GenZ audiences. In this article we give you the definitive recipe on how to create killer shoppable videos with a very high conversion factor.

What Are Shoppable Videos?

If you’re wondering what does a shoppable video mean or what is a shoppable video format, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Shoppable videos are short, entertaining, informative video clips that viewers can buy from. They’re the bridge between engaging content and e-commerce.

When viewers are watching a shoppable video, they can simply tap on a link or the product they like and buy it from the video itself. You can easily add shoppable videos to Shopify using apps like Videeo.

Pictures on e-commerce websites are old news. Video is the language of the new consumser. More and more people and brands are posting shoppable videos in the form of Shorts, Reels, and TikToks to inform, entertain, and sell to viewers.

82% of people are convinced to make a purchase after they watch a video about a product. But this means people watch a video, think about a product and then try to find it and buy it.

But shoppable videos simply remove all those hurdles between watching a product for the first time and buying it.

Closing the Gap Between Discovery and Purchase

Shoppable videos are so popular (and successful) because they remove the barrier and buffer time between people seeing a product and buying it.

A lot can change between people seeing a product and deciding to buy it: they can forget about the product, they can see other options, they can get confused, and they might reconsider buying it at all.

Shoppable videos, especially when done well with timers and countdowns and low stock counters and an engaging host, can make people buy what they see, immediately. Whether you’re on YouTube or TikTok, every other video has a button prompting you to shop from the video and its creator for exactly this reason. Some modern platforms have taken it a step further by letting you create gamified and simplified shoppable videos featuring multiple products, all of which can be bought directly from the videos (no need to even go to a new tab or separate checkout page).

Creating Great Shoppable Videos - Best Practices

Everyone smart shop owner is trying to create shoppable videos, doesn’t mean they’re doing it well.

In this article, we will give you tips and best practices on how to create compelling shoppable videos, distilled from years of video commerce experience (and from helping thousands of retailers succeed with it) that the people at Videeo have gathered. We will talk about what makes a good shoppable video and what tools and platforms you can use to set yourself up for success.

Creating compelling shoppable videos with these tips in mind will—over time—help your brand stand out and sell more on social media and on your own website and mobile app.

How to Create Killer Shoppable Videos

Creating shoppable videos that truly captivate and convert isn’t about luck; it’s about strategy. From the moment your video begins, you need to engage viewers, demonstrate your product’s value, and make the path to purchase effortless. Here are some key principles to guide you in creating shoppable videos that not only grab attention but also drive sales. 

1. Understand Your Audience

Go beyond basic demographics (age, gender, location). Understand their interests, pain points, and the lifestyle they aspire to. This knowledge will help you shape your shoppable video content in a way that resonates with your audience.

You need to tailor your shoppable video content to viewer needs:

  • Problem-solving: Does your product address a common frustration? Showcase how it directly solves this issue with shoppable videos.
  • Entertainment: Is your product fun and trendy? Highlight its ability to bring joy or enhance the user’s social image.
  • Education: Does your product have unique features? Explain its benefits in a clear and engaging way.

Doing these will make your shoppable video content instantly more appealing to all potential buyers.

2. Plan Your Content

Storyboard your shoppable videos. Don’t just wing it! Sketch out a rough plan for your video’s flow, including;

  • Intro Hook: How will you grab attention within the first 3 seconds?
  • Product Showcase: What angles and demonstrations will be used?
  • Key Benefits: Which features will you highlight and why?
  • Call to Action: How will you guide viewers to the next step (purchase, learn more, etc) and create purchase urgency?

Make sure to highlight key products in your shoppable videos. They are items that are:

  • Visually Appealing: They look great on camera.
  • Popular/Trending: Products with existing demand.
  • New Releases: Generate excitement for the latest additions.

3. Focus on the First Few Seconds

Attention spans are short. Your shoppable videos’ opening moments are crucial! Make sure to include the following:

  • Eye-Catching Visuals: Use dynamic shots, vibrant colors, or close-ups to grab attention.
  • Dynamic Product Demonstrations: Immediately show the product in action, solving a problem or being used in a captivating way.
  • Relatable Problem: Quickly present a common frustration that your product solves.

4. Remember to be detailed yet concise

Once you have your viewers attention, its time to convert them. Make every second they are watching – count!

  • Know Your Product Inside Out: Confidence and expertise make your shoppable videos engaging and credible. This also helps AI tools accurately identify product segments later.
  • Keep it Short: Don’t ramble or repeat yourself, focus on delivering the benefits of your product and the offer you are making in a clear and concise timeline. We suggest keeping your shoppable videos to a maximum of 90 seconds
  • Avoid Jargon: Use simple language everyone understands.
  • End with an Offer: Make sure you end your video with a clear and powerful offer that creates FOMO (Fear of missing out) and drives those conversions

5. Utilize Storytelling

Create an emotional connection. Your content should go beyond features. Consider:

  • Showcase the transformation: Showing yourself without makeup and then after using makeup you are selling OR wearing something simple vs. the attractive ensemble you are selling, these are very common ways of making your shoppable videos drive great engagement from viewers.
  • Relatable Characters: Know your audience. If you are selling body shapers, please use a model with the body type that matches the target demographic. Also, if you are trying to sell gadgets, someone with a nerdy character may shine way above a glamorous person.
  • The Power of Aspiration: Highlight the aspirational impact of your products. This is especially effective for evening wear, purses, and jewelry. Showcasing these items in social settings within your videos can spark dreams and boost sales.

6. Focus on High-Quality Production

Invest in good quality equipment: While you don’t need a professional studio to make amazing shoppable videos for Shopify, good equipment can make a world of difference:

  • The Right Camera: Most modern smartphone cameras are often sufficient but we suggest using an iPhone 15 pro in Cinematic, 30 fps mode for best results.
  • Good Lighting: Natural light is best; if not, invest in simple lighting setups.
    The best setup consists of at least 3 lights.
    • A center LED ring light to make your eyes shine
    • Two LED portrait shaped light boxes set on each side of the model
  • Lighting Temperature: Human eyes love natural light, if you are shooting indoors, make sure your LED is set to 4800-5000K for getting that natural light glow 

7. The Shoppable Video Platform Must-Haves

Shoppable elements on video need to be ideally placed and presented. An over the top shopping button can make a video look overly commercial and reduce it’s value tremendously.

  • Refined CTA’s: Make sure you use shoppable technology that minimally interferes with the videos organic presentation while making the CTA clear and accessible
  • On Video Product Details: Make sure the technology you are using is able to deliver product variant, color and size information without asking the viewer to leave the video.
  • Add to Cart Directly: The viewer needs to be able to add the video to their cart without leaving the video, so you can continue to enthrall them with more shoppable content and increase your average order value
  • Swipe Up Feed: Swipe up, add to cart, view next. That is how Millennials and GenZ shop, so not having a feed of videos will greatly reduce the chances of making shoppable videos very profitable for you

8. Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Design your content for small screens. Most people shop on phones, so ensure:

  • Vertical Format: Over 80% of Millennials and Gen Z discover products on mobile apps, making vertical shoppable videos ideal for this audience.
  • Add Captions: 90% of social media audiences browse on mute. Captioning your videos is an absolute necessity in 2024. 
  • Clear Visuals: Make sure that any graphics that you use to convey offers are clear and appear for at-least 8 to 10 seconds to allow customers to read and digest it
  • Test on Multiple Devices: Make sure your videos look great, and the shopping features work on different phones and tablets.

9. Analyze and Adapt

Monitor the performance of your shoppable videos using analytic tools to track:

  • Views: How many people are watching?
  • Engagement: Likes, comments, shares.
  • Click-throughs: Are people clicking on product tags?
  • Conversions: Are people actually buying
  • Feedback: Ask people directly in the comments of your video or on social channels, about your product and content.

Based on this data and feedback from users:

  • Refine Your Content: Adjust what you output based on what works well and what your viewers prefer when watching a shoppable video.
  • Target More Effectively: Reach the right audience and cut down spending on audiences that do/will not convert well.
  • Optimize CTAs: Make your shoppable videos’ CTAs more enticing and action-driven (you can add offers).

Start Creating Compelling Shoppable Videos Today

Shoppable videos are more than a trend; they’re a transformational tool for e-commerce. By combining the engaging nature of video with the convenience of direct shopping, you can create a compelling digital experience that entertains and encourages purchases.

Modern e-commerce tools like Videeo for Shopify enable you to:

  • Post/Embed shoppable videos on your Shopify website, mobile app, socials, and emails.
  • Have your own Shopify mobile app on iOS/Android with smart notifications.
  • Effortlessly host shoppable live shows across sales channels, 1-click invite guests and transform shoppers to superfans.
  • …and do a lot more to make your Shopify store an interactive hub, bustling with excited customers.

Equipped with the tricks and tips we’ve given you, your e-commerce store can thrive in the video-first digital age with standout shoppable videos, turning every view into a potential sale.

Remember, the goal is to create shoppable videos that don’t just attract viewers but engage and convert them.

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