Videeo – Shoppable Video Commerce for Shopify Venugopal Arethoti March 12, 2024

The Ultimate Shoppable Videos platform for Shopify

Shopify stores using Videeo experience 8X+ customer engagement leading to 12x+ repeat purchases from loyal customers. Cut your ad spend by 50% while doubling (2X) your business every year!

Jump ahead of competitors with a video-first customer experience through our turnkey video commerce platform with context driven placement of Shoppable Videos + a TikTok like feed on your own Mobile App!

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Video Commerce is Videeo

Why you need to switch to Video-First!

Videos get far more views and engagement than simple photo posts on social media. In fact, social shoppable video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined

Humans find videos more interesting, engaging and informative. This is why they remember the facts and information that are present in videos. Videos are great for good storytelling and advertising about brands or services.

It’s the competitive edge you need Today!

Next-Gen Video Commerce

Videeo puts the future of shopping at your fingertips with a powerful suite of next-gen video commerce tools that transform your Shopify store into a customer magnet.

Video-First Mobile App

Turn your Shopify store into a iOS/Android app living on their phones, sending notifications for every product drop and sale!

PopClips Shoppable Videos

Sell your products through a TikTok-like infinite shoppable video feed, to spur discovery and impulse buying from shoppers.

Multisource Live Streaming

Go live simultaneously on your website, app, and social channels, plus invite guests on camera for maximum engagement.

The Only Video-First Mobile App for your shopify store

Why it’s a Game-Changer

Fed up with burning cash on re-targeting customers for repeat business? Imagine slipping into their pockets with your mobile app - that’s right, direct access anytime via push notifications and a native mobile experience with shoppable video content everywhere that outshines any website. Welcome to repeat buying and connection like never before!

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Absolutely Free for 15 Days
Plans start at only $79.99/mo.

PopClips Shoppable
Video Platform

Why go video? Is that even a question?

Think about it - the Millennial and Gen Z crowds practically live on their smartphones, devouring explainer videos to learn and buy. Video isn’t just an option; it’s the only language they speak fluently.

POPCLIPS (TM) - The Complete Shoppable Video System
Absolutely Free for 15 Days
Plans start at only $79.99/mo.

America’s #1 Live Shopping System Powered by CS


Why it’s a Game-Changer

A $300B sales funnel in China - Live selling is growing rapidly in the US. CS (CommentSold) powered live-selling shops sold approx. 
1 Billion in product last year in the US with top merchants raking in > 50M in sales, so, when done right, live-selling can create explosive growth for consumer retail brands.

Why we kick ass
Absolutely Free for 15 Days
Plans start at only $79.99/mo.

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