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Best-in-Class (Live) Video Commerce

Multiply your Shopify store’s potential with gamified live sales and shoppable videos. Generate hyper-engaged audiences through exciting showmanship and product drops.

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Go Live Everywhere at Once

Go Live on Your Shopify Website

Build your video commerce home base on your existing Shopify site. Install our Videeo for Shopify app to start streaming live sales directly on your site.

Go Live on Social Media

Our technology allows viewers to make purchases through comments on shoppable videos in your Facebook and Instagram feed.

Go Live on Mobile Apps

Embed your live streams into your existing mobile app, or ask our team to make a curated live programming app for your brand.

Take Control of Your Audience

Your Customers, Not Ours

Transactions are made through Shopify. Your shoppers use their existing login to checkout.

Your Data, Not Shared

Customer PII data is maintained on your databases. We anonymize session information to collect summarized performance information for analytics and reporting.

Integrated Inventory

Inventory is managed in Shopify and integrated through APIs to create shoppable livestreams and videos.

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Videeo Sells 24/7

Customers Shop Videeo Live On-Demand

Live events are recorded with dynamic product overlays that allow your followers to watch and shop anytime.

Autogenerate Shoppable Videos for Products

All items featured during your live event get a unique video clip automatically generated by our patented tech for shoppable videos you can embed anywhere.

Build a Programming Library

Each live event is automatically embedded on your Videeo page. New and existing customers are greeted with hours of instantly shoppable content.

See Videeo for Shopify in Action

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