Transform your
shopify Store into an Interactive Virtual Showroom

Enhance Customer Engagement Exponentially with Personalized One-to-One and One-to-Many Video Interactions and Your Own Mobile App, Boosting Engagement by 250%+ and Cultivating Superfans who Shop from your Store more than 12 times a Year!

Upgrade your Store + Get your Mobile App
for ONLY $79.99/mo. 15 Day Free Trial.

Our Platform Leads Video Commerce in the USA

Our Platform Leads Video Commerce in the USA

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Bring the Essence of InStore Shopping on your Webstore

Let them Shop as If they are Physically in your Store!

Show every angle, the seams, how the fabric stretches and vocalize your suggestions for each body type. Triple your customers purchase confidence - compared to a few pictures on a perfect model.

The One to One Attention they Deserve - Together!

As you explain and showcase a dress/item focusing on one customer, you end up clarifying and demonstrating for everyone on your show, as if you are talking to each of them directly. It's much more powerful than in-person group sessions - no crowding, no repetition.

Your Store is Open 24x7 with Your Voice & Presence

Every Live event is recorded along with all the customer interactions and available for dynamic shopping for visitors of your store even when you are sleeping. Our recorded replays keep on selling at very high conversion rates!

Your own Mobile App to Maximize Conversions

Videeo Includes Mobile App Wizard for iOS/Android

Videeo for Shopify features a mobile app wizard that transforms your Shopify catalog into a highly optimized conversion tool, a mobile app living in your customers phone/pocket. It builds both iOS and Android apps and is included in all plan levels.

Captivate GenZ and Millennials

Raised in the iPhone era, our generation primarily engages and shops through mobile devices. Your mobile will have seamlessly integrated live shows, past episodes of shows (like Netflix), and shoppable videos, offering a shopping experience akin to their favorite social platforms.

Stay in Touch, Deliver offers, Sell More

Once a customer installs your mobile app... Leverage in-app notifications to keep on alerting them about new product drops, and limited time offers to significantly enhance repeat purchases. Automatically sent live show notifications also boost live event traffic expanding your community faster!

Only $79.99/mo. | 10X ROI Sales Included | 15 Day Obligation Free Trial
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Forge Personal Connections with your Customers

Have Live Conversations with Customers

Only hear from your customers when they have a shipping or product issue? Change the game by having direct interactions daily, where you get to know them and they get to know you/see you.

Provide Personalized Recommendations

Take the time to find out what your customers are looking for and provide personalized recommendations by showing items you think they will like, using our 'scan to show' any product technology

VIP & Exclusive shows

Create VIP shows and invite your top customers, giving them first-look to your hottest new selections. Call each VIP out by name and even invite them on camera with our zero install 1-click guest stream functionality

Build a Community of Devoted Superfans!

Convert Occasional Deals Seekers to Devoted Fans

Imagine you walking into a store and getting the personal attention of the owner for 10+ minutes. Imagine you walking back in and the owner greets you by name! A few minutes of kindness creates lifelong loyalty that converts to massive repeat purchase behaviors

Take the time. Foster a Community.

By personally engaging with each new viewer on your shows and getting to know them on the show, you foster a community where viewers connect, chat, and make friends, transforming your shows into a regular meetup spot. This not only enhances viewer loyalty but also significantly boosts your sales.

Be Personal - Let them In - Invite them On-Camera

Be more than a seller, be relatable. Embrace the spontaneity of your pets and kids in your shows, share your stories, and let them show their live(s) off to the community. Our effortless guest on-camera feature helps you create SUPERFANS!

Only $79.99/mo | 15-Day Obligation Free Trial
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Video Based Selling

Embrace the Trend:
Video-Based Selling, The Key to Unlocking Gen Z's Shopping Potential!

Completely Risk Free - 15 Day Trial!