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Videeo for Shopify’s mobile app wizard converts your Shopify catalog into a conversion optimized, video first, mobile app, living in your customers phone/pocket, available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. Now you can speak the love language of GenZ video first buyers and create 12X+ repeat purchases to skyrocket sales.

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Seamless Real-Time Sync with Shopify Product Catalog

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Experience effortless management with our app’s real-time synchronization with your Shopify product catalog. This feature ensures that your mobile app is always up-to-date with your latest products, prices, and stock levels, eliminating the hassle of manual updates.

It’s about bridging the gap between your online store and mobile presence, providing a consistent and reliable shopping experience for your customers.

Integrated Shopify Checkout with ShopPay Compatibility

Leverage the power of Shopify’s trusted and familiar checkout process directly through our app. Customers can use ShopPay, facilitating a smooth, secure, and speedy transaction.

This integration not only builds trust but also streamlines the purchase process, reducing cart abandonment and enhancing user satisfaction.

Absolutely Free for 15 Days
Plans start at only $79.99/mo.
Instant Product Drop Notifications
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Keep your customers engaged and excited with instant notifications for new product drops. This feature acts as a direct line to your customers, informing them about the latest additions to your collection the moment they are available. 

It’s a powerful tool to generate buzz, drive immediate interest, and increase sales.

Category Defining Live Interactions

Our industry leading live-streaming and live commerce interface fosters dynamic interactions between the host and audience, encouraging viewer-to-viewer conversations as well. Key features include our ‘one-click invite’, bringing customers on camera for an unparalleled interactive experience, and innovative multi-format ‘picture in picture’ mode(s), enhancing visual engagement.

These tools significantly boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases, creating a connection between your brand and its customers.

Absolutely Free for 15 Days
Plans start at only $79.99/mo.
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Automatic Live Show Notifications
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Ensure your customers never miss a live shopping event with automatic live show notifications. These alerts help build anticipation and increase viewership for your live streams, turning them into can’t-miss events.

It’s a perfect way to engage your audience and create a communal shopping experience.

One-Click Live Stream Shopping with Shopify Checkout

Revolutionize the shopping experience with our one-click live stream shopping feature. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify Checkout, it allows customers to make purchases instantly during live product demonstrations.

This integration not only simplifies the buying process but also capitalizes on the impulse buying tendencies, boosting sales significantly.

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Plans start at only $79.99/mo.

Shoppable Video Clips with On-Video Checkout Options

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Transform how your customers shop with shoppable video clips. These clips, featuring on-video checkout options, offer an immersive and interactive shopping experience. Customers can purchase products directly from the video, making shopping convenient, fast, and enjoyable.

It’s a modern approach to e-commerce that caters to the needs of a video-centric audience.

TikTok-Like Video Feed for Product Discovery

Attract Millennials and Gen Z with a TikTok-like video feed in your app, designed to drive product discovery. This feature encourages users to browse through your products in an engaging, familiar format. 

Once they start exploring your mobile app, the intuitive and entertaining experience keeps them hooked, increasing the likelihood of purchase and fostering brand loyalty.

Absolutely Free for 15 Days
Plans start at only $79.99/mo.
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The Ease of Building a Mobile App with Videeo Technology

Creating a mobile app for e-commerce can be a daunting task. It involves intricate planning, designing, coding, and testing – a process that can be both time-consuming and costly. However, with Videeo technology, this complex process is simplified. We provide a seamless, user-friendly platform that effortlessly integrates with your Shopify store, transforming your product catalog into a fully functional mobile app. This technology eliminates the need for extensive coding or technical expertise, making the transition to mobile commerce smooth and straightforward for any Shopify store owner.

Ongoing Maintenance and Security, the Hidden Challenges

Maintaining a mobile app is an ongoing challenge that involves more than just content updates. It requires keeping the app compatible with the latest iOS and Android updates, ensuring it runs smoothly on all devices. Additionally, the internet is rife with security vulnerabilities that need constant vigilance. Our service provides comprehensive maintenance and security for your mobile app, handling everything from regular updates to safeguarding against the latest cyber threats. This not only ensures a seamless user experience but also protects your business and customers’ data, saving you from potentially massive expenses and reputational damage.

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