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Market Your Shopify Store the Right Way: 7 Tips to Attract & Engage More Shoppers

Forget the endless “ad budget vs. sales goals” battle. Attracting customers to your Shopify store doesn’t have to break the bank or your creativity. In fact, with a touch of strategic thinking and a mobile-first mindset, you unlock a world of cost-effective marketing strategies that’ll help you market your Shopify store to modern shoppers in style, and effectively!

Ready to attract attention, build relationships, and turn casual visitors into loyal fans? Brace yourself for 7 powerful tactics that’ll make your Shopify store shine brighter than ever without relying solely on paid ads.

1. Retarget Like a Pro: Keep Them Coming Back for More

They browsed, they pondered, but didn’t buy. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost a customer. That just means life got in the way to distract them; all the more reason for you to promote your Shopify store using retargeting campaigns to gently remind them about your awesome products and brand and follow up. Think of it like a friendly nudge from a neighbor saying, “Hey, remember that cool jacket we saw at the store? Well, it just went on sale today.”

You can also use retargeting campaigns to push similar products to your shoppers. See them wishlisting a denim jacket but not buying? Maybe they’re looking for something else. Use retargeting ads to suggest similar products: biker jackets, light blazers, zip-ups, and sweatshirts. Try different recommendations to see what works for which customer. Use social media platforms and search engine ads to show personalized ads based on your shoppers’ browsing histories and preferences. These gentle nudges via retargeting ads can be the push they need to convert, turning window shoppers into satisfied customers who recognize your brand.

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2. Referrals & Loyalty Programs: Supercharge Customer Engagement & Acquisition

Word-of-mouth marketing is still king. Referrals can boost your conversion rate by 30% and loyalty programs can increase customer lifetime value by 85%Combine these two to turn loyal customers into brand advocates, sharing their love and attracting new fans who are more likely to convert and stick around.

Referrals incentivize happy customers to share their love, building trust and marketing your Shopify store and products in a trustworthy way, bringing in fresh faces! As for how to do that, think of exclusive discounts, bonus points, or even cash back for spreading the word.

For loyalty programs that keep your existing fans engaged and spending more, use reward points, early access to sales, product drops, or special discounts—anything that makes your shoppers feel like VIPs. Remember,  83% of customers are influenced by loyalty programs to buy from your brand again.

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3. Limited-Time Email Offers: Creating FOMO That Drives Action

Ditch the boring sales tactics and watch your email marketing transform into a time-sensitive treasure hunt your customers won’t want to miss! Spice things up with limited email discounts. How? By making them time-limited, creating that FOMO that makes your shoppers buy from you immediately.

Offer flash sales for their dream product at a crazy discount, but only for the next few hours! Or picture them feeling like VIPs with an early bird special, grabbing exclusive deals before anyone else. Did someone abandon their cart? Send a gentle email nudge with a time-limited discount to push them to complete their purchase.

Use countdown timers to really crank up the urgency! Sweeten the deal with free shipping, loyalty points, or bundled products. Remember, the key is clear language, a highlighted timeframe, and a sprinkle of urgency to make these discounts irresistible and impossible to ignore! Oh, by the way, you can do all this and more from your own Shopify mobile app too.

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4. Mobile-First: Put Your Store in Their Pocket

Think about it: people are constantly glued to their phones these days. Whether it’s for socializing, entertainment, information, buying, or a thousand other things. It’s the most accessible place for your shoppers for everything. So why aren’t you there to promote your Shopify store too? A mobile-friendly website won’t cut it anymore. You need a solid Shopify mobile app builder that also doubles as a standalone video commerce platform.

Having your Shopify store’s own mobile app means you can reach your shoppers with exclusive, irresistible offers via push notifications right on their lock screens! Remember, convenience is key—make your shoppers feel like they have your store right in their pocket, ready to browse and buy anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget to offer app-exclusive deals to incentivize downloads and turn casual visitors into on-the-go shoppers.

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5. Exclusivity With Product Drops: It's All About Them

Generic marketing tactics will only get you so far when it comes to marketing your Shopify store in 2024 to modern shoppers. To get ahead of the competition and stand apart from the noise in the Shopify marketplace, the “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t work. You need to give your customers a sense of exclusivity, a personalized marketing experience that treats your customers like the unique individuals they are.

Imagine your customers getting instant notifications the moment your hottest new item drops. Product drops and exclusive product releases with deals for VIP shoppers make your customers feel like insiders, privy to something special, part of something that is meant FOR them. No more browsing endlessly; they’re the first to know and can snatch up their must-haves before they vanish or before they’re available to the general public. This creates thrill and drives immediate sales while also helping the rest of your viewers and shoppers vying to be a part of your exclusive VIP club by shopping more with you.

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6. Unlock the Power of Search Engines: Conquer SEO

Did you know that 81% of shoppers start their journey online? If your store doesn’t show up in searches, you’re missing out! Mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your website climb the ranks and get discovered by hungry buyers.

If you really want to lean into promoting your Shopify store, ditch generic keywords for specific phrases your ideal customers use. “Black strappy sandal heels” beats “strappy sandals” every time. Understand what shoppers are looking for. Plus-size clothing? Target “plus size” instead of “trendy women’s clothing.” Make your Shopify website search-engine friendly with clear page titles, engaging meta descriptions, and easy navigation. Remember, SEO is an investment that brings in customers; it’s not an expense.

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7. Influencer Collabs​

Forget the tired old sales routines and one-man pitches! Attracting Gen Z and millennial shoppers is the first step in knowing how to market your Shopify store in 2024. And to do that, you need to speak their language, preferably through the people they trust.

Team up with awesome content creators that your shoppers love and watch. Interact with your customer using video commerce and find out where they spend time and who their favourite influencers and live streamers are. Bring those influencers on your live shopping shows and make your sales pop like fireworks.

Whether it’s a fashion guru rocking your latest collection or a niche influencer co-hosting your show and selling your inventory, influencer collaborations work. Here’s why:

  • Built-in Fan Clubs: Creators already have a loyal audience that trusts them—think instant brand champions!
  • Speed Conversions: With their influence and charm, creators can turn curiosity into purchases in a heartbeat.
  • Live Connection Masters: They’re pros at building real connections on camera, making viewers feel like they’re shopping with a friend. You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting to engage your audience.
  • Niche Targeting: Find creators whose audiences perfectly match yours, reaching exactly the right people.

Platform Power: Tools like Videeo for Shopify help you run smooth live sales with creators, offering seamless checkout and happy viewers.

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Embrace the Video-First Future with Videeo

So, there you have it! Using these 7 powerful video strategies, you’ll be well on your way to marketing your Shopify store the right way in 2024. Remember, it’s about attracting attention, building relationships, and providing a personalized, engaging experience that makes customers feel valued.

You can achieve all this and more for your Shopify store simply by integrating video commerce apps. Shopify apps like Videeo for Shopify seamlessly integrate into your store, helping you create your own Shopify mobile app (iOS + Android), scalable live stream selling, guest hosting, AI-driven shoppable video clips, and more. Platforms like these are complete ecosystems designed to attract and engage modern shoppers by giving your shoppers the same video-rich experience that they’re used to seeing on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram while allowing them to shop what they see, as they see it.

Market your Shopify store the right way in 2024. Try Videeo for Shopify for free.

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