We Know Live Selling SMM June 22, 2022

Videeo Shopping

Turnkey Support towards Live Selling Success

Engage your audience wherever they are with the right blend of entertainment and commerce to explode 💥 sales!

The Software

Easily Sell Live from Anywhere

All you need is Videeo, a cell phone, and a stable internet connection to start your show.

Go Live Across Channels

Broadcast live sales simultaneously on your website, mobile app, and social media.

Product Info At-a-Glance

Our software optimizes your live stream with dynamic overlays for each channel, displaying purchase and product info for your shoppers.

Easily Handle 100s of SKUs

Videeo's scan and change system makes it easy to add products to lives on the fly and automatically update the overlay.

Premium Video Quality

Stream live in 4K with Videeo. Video quality automatically adjusts based on internet speeds.

The Show

Script Your Show

Get people engaged to get them buying. Interact with viewers, tease upcoming products, and give periodic checkout reminders.

Personality Matters

Live video hosts become personalities viewers get to know and love. Captivating hosts drive engagement and create more sales!

Entertain... then Sell

Entertain your audience to draw them in before you start selling. The right show has the perfect mix of entertainment and product pitches.

Let Our Experts Help 🙂

Our strategists train your team on how to host live sales that build customer loyalty and showcase your brand.

The Cadence

Episodic Cadence is Key

Success in live video commerce is all about turning your audience into regular viewers through consistency and entertainment.

Build Hype Ahead of Time

It’s not just about going live and entertaining, to get the right amount of viewers you must create anticipation with strategic marketing campaigns and product drop teasers.

What Works Best?

We've helped thousands of retailers find success with live video commerce. Our experts will help you set the right cadence for success.

Videeo = GMV2


Live video commerce can be groundbreaking for any brand. However, like every new technology, the path to success takes thoughtful strategy and support.

E-commerce Playbooks Don’t Apply

Retailers trust the unique process and playbooks laid out by our team of live commerce experts and see up to an 8x increase in revenue.

The Videeo Formula

Add our category leading platform to your business to create the right show and cadence. Our formula equals success for our clients while others wonder…

From No Online Presence to $1M+ in Monthly Online Sales

Multiply Your Selling Potential, Get Started with Videeo Today

Let us take you on a journey of blending entertainment and commerce into an explosive mix of business growth.