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Introducing Videeo™ for Shopify. Seamlessly integrate CommentSold’s pioneering live streaming commerce technology into your Shopify platform.

With a quick 5-minute installation, you can easily set up your live collection in under 15 minutes, leveraging America’s top live selling technology to kickstart live selling on your website and accelerate your Shopify business’s growth.

Transform Your Shopify Business with Videeo

Fuel your brand’s growth with live selling, a revolutionary sales strategy that turns casual followers into dedicated customers and then into lifelong supporters.

Revolutionize your Shopify storefront from being merely a site showcasing product listings to a vibrant community of passionate followers.
Cultivate repeat customers purchasing from your store more than 12 times a year.

22 million +customers entertained

100 million +hours of streams watched

$4 billion +merchandise sold

8% +avg. conversion rate

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Videeo for Shopify is the Ultimate Live Selling Suite

Videeo for Shopify is the only live selling Shopify app that offers a comprehensive suite of features. Let’s explore a few of the game-changing live commerce enhancements Videeo™ brings to Shopify.

  • Seamlessly livestream
    directly on Facebook and Instagram, with support for YouTube and TikTok coming soon.
  • Empower your customers
    with the convenience of purchasing items directly during your social live streams.
  • Streamline your sales.
    Orders made during the live streams are processed through your Shopify store.
  • No Installation Required
    To join the show, guest hosts don’t need to install any special software – all they need is a smartphone.
  • Enhanced Remote Host Support
    Enable guest hosts to take over your live shows from any location, selling products directly from your catalog.
  • Ultimate Control Over the Show
    You have full authority. You can incorporate guest hosts into the show, mute them if needed, send them back to the waiting room, or even reclaim the spotlight yourself at any time.
  • Flexible Hosting Options
    Guest hosts can take over as the solo host for the show, but you always retain the option to join them whenever you wish, thanks to the ‘picture in picture’ feature.
  • Never Overlook a Key Comment
    We consolidate chat feeds from your social media channels and your website into a single stream–making it easier for you to engage with your audience.
  • Engage Your Customers On-Screen
    Identify your VIP shoppers and seamlessly invite them to join your live show on camera to showcase their purchases or chat about your brand.
  • New Features Launching for Your VIP Customers
    We’re launching advanced features soon that will allow you to offer special deals and first-dibs opportunities to your VIP customers.
  • Organize Your Shows
    Use Shopify’s collection feature to plan products and structure your shows. Set up your show script to ensure smooth and efficient flows.
  • Embrace Flexibility
    Don’t feel limited by the show collection. You can simply scan a product and sell it on the spot, without any constraints.
  • Manage Show Schedules
    Stay tuned for an upcoming feature that allows you to schedule your shows in advance for specific dates and times. You can also generate printed show scripts with product prompts and additional details.
  • Stream live on your website and sell directly through your Shopify Cart.
  • A user-friendly mini-player that notifies all site visitors about your show and enables uninterrupted viewing while users browse your site.
  • Automatically recorded replays of your “shoppable” shows that continue to generate sales on your website even when you’re not actively streaming. 😉
  • Plus stay tuned for an exciting upcoming feature: short video-based commerce that will leave you amazed!

CommentSold sets itself apart from others by offering personalized support:

  • We provide 5×7 email and chat support to all our customers.
  • Business level customers receive 7×7 email support.
  • Our top-tier customers are assigned dedicated customer growth managers. Live selling experts who go beyond issue resolution and provide invaluable tips to accelerate your business growth.

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