Videeo for Shopify: Powering Profitable Live Selling Experiences dhaval.pansuriya April 6, 2023

Videeo + Shopify

Videeo’s white-label, low code live selling solution integrates seamlessly with your brand and existing Shopify site. Inventory and payments are all still managed through Shopify.

The Videeo Live Selling Solution for Shopify Unleashes 6X Growth Potential

Add a New Sales Format to Your Existing Shopify Website

A dedicated live selling page is added to your Shopify site when you choose Videeo live selling solution. Additionally, while live, a mini player with your live selling event follows your shoppers throughout your site to ensure they don’t miss a single moment.

Amplify Reach on Social Media

Extend your content to amplify reach on social media while you live sell. Videeo multicast’s your live sale to your Shopify website as well as your Facebook and Instagram. Plus, if shoppers miss your live sale, they can shop via the clickable replays on your site anytime.

Seamless Integration and Shopping Experience

You don't have to wait for days to achieve accelerated conversion. Videeo is integrated quickly and easily without affecting your existing systems—inventory, payments, and fulfillment are all still handled through Shopify. Get your Shopify live selling up and running in no time.

Adding Live Selling to Your Shopify Storefront is Simple

Videeo live selling technology integrates with your Shopify site quite easily. Three simple steps and you are all set to make 300% growth year on year:

1. Create a new Shopify page for your live sales:

Add a new page to your Shopify storefront to host the Videeo live selling player. This page will serve as your landing page for shoppers tuning into and shopping your live sale.

2. Embed Videeo’s live sale player and mini-player:

With just a few lines of code you can excite shoppers with live sales directly on your Shopify site. The mini-player keeps your shoppers engaged with your live sale as they navigate your site.

3. Go Live:

Stream your live sale directly to your Shopify site and social media. The Videeo live selling solution keeps all data, inventory, and transactions managed through Shopify.

Proven Success

Videeo live selling helps you increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

"Shopify is awesome. It’s just a great tool to have, but when you combine it with Videeo's technology, nothing can beat it. They work together seamlessly"
Mason Jar Boutique

Drive more conversions through your Shopify site with Videeo’s simple live selling integration.