Features SMM January 1, 2021

Video Commerce Made Easy

Catch on to the latest trends in digital commerce with our easy bolt-on live-selling, and video commerce tools.

Easy, Effective, Seamless Deployment

A Low Code Solution

Add video commerce to your existing website with a few snippets of code.

Rapid Deployment

Use our simple CSV ingestion system to get started immediately without waiting for long integration cycles.

Monetize Social Following

Leverage your existing social media fanbase, going live across your social media and your website with multicasting.

Minimal Startup Costs

Studio quality shows with just 2 smartphones and a ring light on your polished white-label front-end.

embed code and live selling being added to a website

Bolt-On to Your Tech

Unified Checkout Experience

All the live and on-demand video commerce checkouts flow through your existing checkout and payment systems.

Define the Checkout Flow

Route your customer directly from a live to a checkout page for single product checkouts, or drop them into a product detail page where they can discover accessories and complimentary items to increase AOV.

Track Analytics and Performance

With ongoing monitoring of views, sales, and engagement, continuously monitor your library of content and promote the best performers.

Auto-Create Hours of Shoppable Videos

Auto-Created Content Library

Our technology records every live-stream and associates the vides with interactive shopping prompts. Creating hours of video programming for your site.

You are Live 24/7 

When a shopper arrives at your websites live-shopping home page at times when you are not live, there is always programming auto-playing from your latest live-recording.

On-Demand Live Shopping

All the recordings of your lives (Live-Replays) are shoppable. On avg our customers generate 40%+ of their video commerce revenues from live-replays.

website selling mens athleisure with mini player showing a live sale

Frictionless Transition

Automatic Live On-Air Announcement

When you go live, a mini-player with your streaming video appears on all pages of your website. No need to worry about discovery.

Live Video Follow 

Interacting with the live video stream is frictionless with Videeo. As customers cart items and visit different parts of the website, the video follows along in a mini-player.

Continued Engagement

Shoppers continue enjoying their shopping experience, such as checking product details, finishing orders while watching the live through the mini-player.

Videeo Has Proven
To Be an Effective
Selling Channel


Increased video engagement


Longer video viewership


Higher repeat purchase rates